Beijing, the heaven and the hell (2)


Views from my office with clear and polluted weathers

When I realized the bad sides of Beijing, I had already lived here for more than one year, happily. You see, it always takes time to get comprehensive knowledge about anything (or any person).

Maybe I am exaggerating to mention hell in the title. But the following aspects of Beijing,  really drived me crazy from time to time. Lets start from one of them.


My company owns an office block in the north west area of Beijing. My office is on the 12th floor of one of the buildings which have floor-to-ceiling windows. When the weather is clear, I can see very far, even the beautiful mountains in the north west direction. When the pollution comes, however, it feels like that a gray bowl is inverted over the region and all the beautiful scenes are blocked out.

Fortunately, not every day is a polluted day. In fact, out of the whole year, days with really beautiful blue sky  are quite a lot. The reason that make these days happen is mainly the wind. When the wind stops, the pollution returns without any delay.

Because of the pollution, businessmen earn more money by selling the masks and air cleaner.

There is also a weird policy released by the government: if one buys the air cleaner, the government gives him(her) up to 800 RMB of allowance, which is called energy-saving and emission-reduction allowance. I did not understand this policy, because I think if each family in this city uses air cleaner, more electricity will be consumed; then more energy(from thermal power, for example) has to be consumed to generate more electricity. I do not see at which point that buying an air cleaner is energy-saving and emission-reduction.

But for my family’s health, I bought an air cleaner any way, and received about 80 RMB of allowance from the government.


It does not mean that I had never been to a crowded place. Years ago, I lived in Hong Kong. With its 1,106 km2 land and more than 7,000,000 habitants, the city is indeed crowded. But it has everything well organized, and people are aware of the others in any case. I also visited a lot of famous places of the world in their tourist seasons. According to these experiences, being with a crowd only mean that I have to wait for what I want.

It was in Beijing, then in the other cities of China, I found that it could also be miserable in a crowd. In the morning or evening’s subway,  you have to be strong, so that you can force your way into the subway, avoid to be squeezed out at the wrong stop and fight your way out finally, without losing your shoes or crying;  You have to be very patient to keep saying ‘excuse me’ to the people who stand on the right site of escalators, so that you can arrive at the office on time;  You also have to accept the fact that people may push you to find their way!

If it is at some tourist site or for celebrating a festival, such crowding could be very dangerous. Some of you may know the deadly stampede occured in Shanghai on December 31, 2014. That accident shocked the country, but similar(fortunately not deadly) crowding still exist here and there. Two month ago, I companied my parents to visit the Terra Cotta Warriors. It was the holiday season, a lot of visitors entered into the pavillion, crazily squeezed to the front of the statues, with arms held high and cameras in their hands. My aged parents and I were among them and could not even control our way. Finaly we managed to get out of the crowd and decided to just stop the visit. (PS: Terra Cotta Warriors are not in Beijing, but the similar scenario can happen in any popular tourist place of China)

I heard travelers from the other cities compliment on the politeness and kindness of Beijing people, many times. Indeed, in public, it can be often seen that people in need are taken care of by others; people apologize sincerely for the inconvenience they caused to others. But this is only real when there is no crowding.


Chemicals are abused to make the vegerables, fuits, cereals, sea food, animals grow faster and bigger; Unsafe oil is used by the restaurant to cook; Fake products are sold with much cheaper price on the internet. Everyone tells so. But are these true? Is the apple I am eating filled with cyclamate? Did they apply contraceptive to the cucumbers I bought? I dont know, and I can not know. They just look like what they should look like!

I don’t think that I have any other choice if the food is really unsafe and the products are really fake. So I still buy things from the local market, and I get used to shopping from the internet because of the convenience. But I do have some fear. I am afraid that one day, some horrible side effect of what I ate and what I used would come to me. If it really happens, that will be the hell!

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